Friday, March 23, 2012

The Stupid Fund

I used to have an expense category in my financial software which I called "The Stupid Fund."  It was for things like parking and traffic tickets, library late fees, and the like.  I no longer budget for stupidity, but from time to time, I am still stupid.  For instance, I recently incurred a ticket for speeding.  It was totally dumb, I'm not even going to bore you with the details.

In an attempt to defray the cost of my stupidity, I am offering a few original paintings and a sketch for sale.  Selling my originals hurts me more than the money would, but I would rather bear the punishment myself than punish my whole family by spending our money. Therefore, I have listed these four items on my Etsy shop, Lady Rachel's Garden.  I am also willing to produce prints of these or anything on my website for a lesser price.  Just contact me and we can talk details.

If you are not interested but you know of anyone who would be, would you please pass along the info?  I would be much obliged!  Thanks a million, and may your travels always be non-stupid, and ticket-free!

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