Monday, March 12, 2012


Check out the shimmer on these petals! (click for detail)

I confess: I'm addicted to orchids.  Incurably.  I don't think I can pass one in the supermarket without stopping and looking at it and checking the price tag.  Usually I can resist, occasionally I fail.  My addiction is so bad that it has rubbed off on my husband.  It's probably worse for him, because he can justify himself by saying he's just buying it for me.  He's going down with me.

In my defense, I must say that this winter has been the least gloomy of any I can recall, and I would have to say the reason is my orchids.  Anyone out there who has trouble with the post-Christmas winter-time blues, here is my recommendation: get an orchid!  These beauties bloom right when winter is the bleakest, January through March, and by the time their blooms start to fade, it'll be green and warm again outside.

Although my oldest orchid dates back 5 years, this is the first time I have had any of them re-bloom.  I credit the sunny southern window in our new house, and faithful watering and spritzing.  As a result, it has felt like a little tropical paradise in our home, with anticipation sweetening each day as we wait for the next bud to pop open.

What does this have to do with art?  Well just look at these masterpieces:

This one is Dallyn's favorite.

My magnificent white.

My cute mini phal.  These blooms are less than 2 inches.

I justified buying this one as decor for a "Vanilla Party."  Did you know vanilla comes from an orchid?

This is a new acquirement.  Dallyn got me my first cattleya for Valentines Day. 

We keep these two on our dining table.  That white one has thirteen blooms, the largest measuring almost five inches across.  The first bud opened at the beginning of February, and the last one just opened this past week.  It can't be described as anything less than magnificent.  Could a wonder such as this have come about by pure chance?  I think not.  That creation was made by a Heavenly Artist.  I am honored to have one of Father's original masterpieces sitting on my very own table every day.

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